Wii cIOS Rev 14

You need to have the cIOS Rev 14 if you are unable to play the latest Wii Games. Two of the latest game that need to use this cIOS Rev 14 are New Super Mario Bros and Call of Duty:Modern Warfare.

Installation Instructions

  • Copy the cIOS Rev 14 to SD:/Apps/
  • Go to the Homebrew Channel
  • Load the cIOS Rev 14 file
  • You need to use Network Installation
  • The installer will download data and complete the installation

Note: If you use wad installation, you need to find the wad file yourself. Pls also ensure that Wii can already connect to the internet so that you can use Network Installation

Download cIOS Rev 14

3 thoughts on “Wii cIOS Rev 14”

  1. hay i isntalled rev14 and i rund call of duty of duty modern warfare and it still wont work plz help and reply and i did use network installation and it installed succesfuly plzzz help reply

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