Play New Super Mario Bros on Soft Mod Wii

After spending a few days researching on the internet, I have finally found a way to play the New Super Mario Brothers(NSMB) on the Nintendo Wii.

1. You need to have the cIOS Rev 14 in order for the NSMB to work.
 Visit this blog post for the cIOS Rev 14>>>

2. A USB Loader is needed to get the NSMB to work. This is the only method I found to get the NSMB to work. Alternative you can also patch the NSMB if you want it to work on a DVD but u need to search the internet to found out how.

Download USB Loader GX Channel>>>

3. You also need to have a hard disk or thumb drive formatted using the WBFS Manager. This is for installing the Wii Games onto the hard disk or thumb drive.
Download the WBFS Manager>>>

4. Format the thumb drive or hard disk using the WBFS Manager

5. Plug in the thumb drive or hard disk to the Wii USB Port

6. Insert the New Super Mario Brothers DVD

7. Run the USB Loader GX Channel

8. Click on the  '+' sign at the left hand corner of the screen to install game to hard disk

9. It will install the game to the hard disk

10. Click on Game -> Settings -> Game load and apply the following settings

Video Mode: Force NTSC
VIDTV Patch: Off
Game Language: Console Default
Ocarina: OFF
Parental Control:0
Error 002 Fix: Yes
Patch Country Settings: OFF
Alternate DOL: Default

Note: You need to have a SD Card inserted as settings are saved to the SD Card.

11. Start the game.

You can also watch the YouTube Video by serebiilover12345 on how to get the USB Loader to play NSMB.

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