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I have found a Wii Games Downloads website where there are many Wii Games availble for downloads. It works on USA Wii console with mod-chip. If your console is not from the US, you may try it also and comments on this page whether it work for your console.

Click here to Wii ISO>>>

All the games are available in torrents and you need a torrent client for the downloads.

Click here to our Wii Games for direct downloads>>>
The Wii Games(not torrents) are not stored on our server but by Rapidshare File Server hosted by others. Singapore and some Asia Pacific users may find difficult to download as bandwidth may exceed for free users. Premium users will be able to download the files of Rapidshare with no problem.

Burn Wii ISO to DVD-R • DVD-RW •

UnZIP or UnRAR compressed *.iso file to any folder on your PC.

Now use your DVD burner software like NERO to write this ISO to a DVD-R +R or RW disc.
Be sure to tick where it says that the compilation should be closed so
no future writing to the disc will be possible. Also set the write
speed to the SLOWEST possible to get better results. Your Wii will read
the disc faster if it has been recorded at a slow speed = more

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