Wisdom Tooth Surgery@Raffles Dental

I have impacted wisdom tooth and have been feeling pain on my left side of the jaws. The wisdom tooth had been pushing my next molar and affecting it. This is the first time I am doing a wisdom tooth surgery and I choose Raffles Dental.

Raffles Dental@Causeway Point had a very clean and sterile environment. The rates are very competitive when compared with the neighbourhood clinics and hospital. Wisdom tooth prices will vary from$200 to $900 depending on the complexity of the procedure.

I advise you to refrain from looking at the YouTube videos which will only made you more worry. The procedure for my one is quite simple as the dentist need to remove the impact wisdom tooth (left) and the tooth next to it which is damage also.

My dentist for the procedure is Dr Simon who is an ang moh. He update me on the procedure that he is going to perform for my surgery which is removing the wisdom tooth and the tooth next to it. He apply the numbing cream on my gums and then follow by injection for local anesthesia.  The anesthesia takes full effect after 10 mins. You will feel the sensation and even stretching up your face to the eye lids.

The dentist proceed to remove my first damage tooth within a minute. It was follow by my impact wisdom tooth which took less than 5 minutes also.  Then the dentist start to stitch my gums and the thread is dissolvable. It is really fast and painless due to the medication effects.

As the complexity is low for my case, the total charges was $320 excluding medication and GST. I am unable to claim Mediasave as the fee is too low and thus I have to pay in cash. It is fine as I can claim from my company plan.

For those reading about wisdom tooth surgery, take my advise not to see the YouTube videos. Find a good dentist with a clean and sterile environment and get ready for the procedure.

Singapore HDB Car Park Price Revision

We are now less than 2 months away from the HDB car park revision which will occur in Dec 2016.

HDB Car Park Price
Photo credits from HDB

Other private car park areas price will also goes up with the revision of HDB car park prices. It give these owners a perfect reason to rise the charges without infuriating the public. There are limited private car parks which are on the hourly rate of $1. Most private car parks minimum charges are at $1.20 and these may rise by another 10 or 20 cents.

There are no reason for car parks whose charges are at $1.40 to rise their price further.