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Starhub Customer Service Drop

Starhub is currently undergoing a major upgrade to their backend system. Customer Service, Sales and Billing are affected.
Let’s talk about their customer service on 1633 first. You will need to spend at least 10 to 20 mins on the phone before you talk to a customer service officer. So u need to be very patient before you get a chance to speak to their CSO.
I would advise u not to use their email even though they encourage you to do it. I send an email to customer service and after 7 full working days, there is still no reply. Furthermore, Starhub do not give a guarantee on how long they will take to answer it. Major company like GoDaddy Domain commit, they will reply within 3 working days.
Currently, I have a recontract issue on my Starhub TV. I was not given free VV Drama and Star Movies. Starhub escalated my case three times but no Sales officer was bother to call me back to review my case. A major breakdown in Starhub internal Communications.
I will update you on how Stahub Customer Service work in next blog update.