Blk 673 Pump Room Alarm

The alarm was trigger at about 610am his morning. It is bearable for me as I can hear it if I am at the living room. I think it will affect level 2 to 5 more for those that live directly above the pump room like mine. Hence, I decided to call the EMU this morning (620am) so that the technician can investigate the problem further.

The alarm stop ringing at 640am.


BLk 673 Pump Room Alarm

The alarm had went off this morning after 7am when I was about to went to work. I have send a email to Sembawang Town Council in the morning. They have checked and rectified the matter according to their email update at 5pm.

The alarm occur again after 9pm and stopped at 920pm.

I have send an email to the town council as this may be an intermittent alarm with the system.