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Playstation Network Status

100px-PSN_logo_color_trans Many PS3 Gamers are now playing their games without going online. Hardcore gamers are eager awaiting for the PSN Status to be resumed. Some desperate gamers have even trade in their PS3 for the XBox. The reputation of Sony are at stake. Sony does not have a schedule or deadline for them to bring the PSN back online to the millions of PS3 users worldwide.

Many questions will need to be answer

  • Have Sony never invested or mean test the PSN?
  • Is Playstation Plus Members information at stake?
  • Is the customers credit card info compromised?

PS3 Gamers like us can still continue our playing just without the online experience. But the truth is most PS3 games are built with the online experience. Let’s just wait patiently for the PSN to be resumed at the end of this month or even June 2011.

Check the PSN Status here>>>