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Opera Mini 4.1 on Java Phones

If you haven’t already tried out Opera Mini you need to give it a
shot. It’s a great alternative to the built in Web application. Pages
load fast and the layout is perfect. I’ve seen a few website rendered
wrong with the Web application, and Opera Mini can handle it perfectly.

Opera Mini 4.1 has been released and it doubles the speed of
previous versions. I hadn’t used Opera Mini because it wasn’t fast
enough and I was always more than happy with the built in Web
application. But after giving this latest release I try I am extremely
impressed and can honestly say Opera Mini will probably be used more
than Web application . There are many exciting features and the
refreshing rate is fast. One of my favorites is having the ability to
scroll down pages fast and smoothly instead of click by click like the
Web application.


Search Within Text
Auto-Completion of URLS based on your history and bookmarks
Offline Viewing
Speed Dial Bookmarks
Power Scrolling
Custom search shortcuts
Page Overview
Auto Jump To Text
Full Screen Viewing Even In Landscape

Click here to visit Opera Mini>>>

Yahoo Go Mobile

Yahoo has just launch its Yahoo Go 3.0 beta version for the symbian and java enabled phone. The Yahoo Go 2.0 is a stable version now. It currently allow you to choose to download the 2.0 or 3.0 beta version. You may check whether your phone are supported by Yahoo Go by clicking here!
If you are a Yahoo users, you will be able to access your Yahoo services using your mobile phone. It is personalised according to the country you are residing. Singapore users will get all the services related to their country such as news, finance and others.

There will be a short tutorial about the 4 things you need to know on using Yahoo Go.

  1. Scrolling Right & Left
  2. Scrolling Up & Down
  3. Click ‘Open"
  4. oneSearch Anywhere

Type this url in your phone’s browser to get your software:

Java Extractor

The EQ java Extractor will help you to extract java files out from your mobile phone so that you can upload to your PC. It can extract any java applications or java games on your mobile phone. You must ensure the java applications or games are install on your memory card. It will not work if the applications or games are installed on the phone.
In this case, I am testing it out on a Sony Ericsson Phone.
1.Install java program "EQ Java Extractor"on phone
2.Please move the games you want to extract to memory card
3.Start for "EQ Java Extractor".
4.Select the java games or apps press SELECT.
5."EQ Java Extractor" is closed.
6. The file with game or apps will move to a folder Other.

Please use your SE File Manager and click on Other. You will see the games or apps you have extracted to be inside the folder. It should work with other java enable phone but I am not sure where the files will be extracted to.

Download eq_java_extractor

Oxford English Dictionary

The Concise Oxford English Dictionary is the most popular dictionary of its kind around the world and is noted for its clear, concise definitions as well as its comprehensive and authoritative coverage of the vocabulary of the English-speaking world. This reissue of the revised edition brings the tenth edition completely up to date by the addition of hundreds of new words and meanings taken from Oxford and apss renowned data collection program, with a special focus on fast-changing areas of the language such as new technology, e-commerce, fashion, and youth culture.
This is a java application files and it should works on all java supported phones. You can now bring your dictionary whenever you go.

Download Concise Oxford English Dictionary