Sweat Your Hours

I am fortunate to work in a normal shift as a FM Engineer and working for the building owner. Tonight, I reflect on how I had progress over the years. There are still so many things that I have gained over the work through experience be it the soft or hard way.

As a FM Engineer, we are ready to sweat the hours out when we are call upon duty. This include emergency breakdown at odds hours or preventive maintenance shutdown after the office hours. You must be prepare to work in these odd hours to get the job done. Do not shun this out of office hours if you want to be a true facility management engineer.

You must be prepare to sacrifice your time outside your office hours. This does not occur frequently and thus you must be prepare to support your superiors. Those who does not take up this call of duty means there are not fully committed to the job yet.

Are you ready to accept message and calls after office hours and on weekends?

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