Garmin Nuvi 55LM

I am going back to Malaysia for Chinese New Year 2018 and will need a new GPS for my road trip. Garmin Nuvi 205 have serve me well for 9 years and should be retire.

As a green person, I opt to buy it for Carousell as I can get it for less than $100. I found the Garmin Nuvi 55LM and bargain it for $70.

The seller was nice and preload for me the latest map version. There are so many new features on this model which is not available on my old Nuvi 205.

Get your second hand gadgets on Carousell so that the item can be reuse. They are definitely going to be cheaper than buying a brand new item. Sometimes it is brand new as the seller got us as a gift and does not want it. Happy Shopping.

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