Dayre shutdown and why I need to own my blog

Dayre was a great blogging application for users in Malaysia and Singapore. It had serve these users well throughout the past years. It is a free service and depend on coins and additional subscription service to sustain the service.

The business was not able to sustain and the boss had to made a difficult decision to let it go. It is a decision which all of us understand.

Are you a blogger?

It is hard pain for bloggers to see their posts to be deleted when the blogging platform close down. You might even have to spend time downloading it and not sure where to migrate your post to.

Own your BLOG

I have been using a self hosted blog for many years. It is a peace of mind for me as I am in control of my content. There is no worry of losing 10 years of posts in one night.

There is no free lunch in this world. I have seen blogger shutout of their blog or in some extreme case where the blog is deleted. This maybe due to complaint or any other unforeseen matters arising.

The blogging platforms own the content, server and hardware. They have every rights to handle your blog as it deem fits to their satisfaction.

You only pay for your domain name and server space to maintain the blog. It cost less than S$100 for a personal blog like mine. You might want to think in the long run if you like to pen down your life and thoughts. Happy Blogging.

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