Traditional Shoe Cobbler

It is not easy to find the traditional street shoe cobbler who can repair your leather shoes and sport shoes with the most economical cost.

My shoe cobbler had its own station at one of the HDB void deck. He had help me to replace both my soles, touch up the bottom wear out front part and polishing for just $12. I definely can’t get this price at the HDB shop or shopping mall.

Traditional shoe cobbler with his own station.

The cobbler help me to reuse my leather shoes and not end up in a rubbish dump. If the cobbler is from the shopping mall, I would give up repair and buy a new leather shoes due to the cost of repair. 40% of the cost they charge actually goes to the rental that they need to pay. We shall treasure all these cobblers as they will disappear from the street once they reach their retirement age.

Singapore does not allowed these street cobblers from an economy point of view. The other business owners who rent shops in HDB or shopping mall will not like it as they pay rental while they are rent free. But they do not disturb these street cobblers as they are more than 60 years old and earning a living for themself.

If it is a young cobbler in the 30s or 40s, I guarantee the authority will come down to advise him to close shop.


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