Chinese New Year 2016 Food Hunt

Woodlands Loop is the favourite food deals place in Singapore. You can get your favourite food at factory prices.

The best place to get your roast pork and duck is at 15 Woodlands Loop. It is a JTC building and proceed to Level 3. You will find many stalls there selling at factory prices.

Roast Pork

1KG of Roast Pork is $20 and one roast duck is $24.

Fragrance outlet is a place where all food budget lovers will not missed. You can get many stuff’s beside barbecue pork at factory prices. If you go there on the last few days, you can get more crazy discount as they want to clear the stocks.


The last day before the eve. The best deal is buy 1 get 1 free for pineapple tarts. The outlets are still selling $15 per tin.

The crowd is lesser as most had grab it during the peak period which is 1 or 2 weeks before the Chinese New Year.

See all of you next year at Woodlands Loop. Service 964 ply the area except on Sunday. You may even join your local CCs for the trip here. Happy Chinese New Yea 2016.

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