Singtel Re-Contract Fibre Entertainment Plan

Singtel Retention Team had made a offer to retain me as one of their loyal customers. I have made many offers previously via their social media like Twitter or online chat agent to give me a better offer than the current promotion. They will hold on to their stand of the current promotion plan only.

Therefore I decide to give a last shot by sending an email before deciding to move to Starhub. Finally their retention team comes with a better offer. I can have the Singtel Fibre Entertainment Bundle Plan (200 Mbps) at $79.90 net inclusive of Family Starter Pack and 2 years of free Mio Recordable Set-Top Box. They will also replace with a new modem & router. If I choose the 300 Mbps at $69.90 then they will not replace the router for me. Therefore I opt to pay $10 extra per month for the higher speed and new equipment.

Singtel should always give a better offer to loyal customers seeking re-contract and not similar to new customers. But of course they are some customers who will not re-contract but just let their plan run until the equipment break down. Are you one of that customers or like me seeking a better deal?

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