USS Battlestar Galactica Updates 2

After two long years of waiting the USS Battlestar Galactica is finally open after going through all the safety inspections. The USS Battlestar Galactica: HUMAN Vs CYCLONE Roller Coaster was offically reopen on the 27 May 2015.

The attraction ride was closed on 21 Jul 2013 and RWS only cited attraction review as the main reason. There is no comments on why the organisation close it. They slowly allowed the market and visitors to accept the fate as times pass by. The most obvious reason is the safety of the equipment. WHY? The seat was redesigned and my thoughts is that it had undergone many testing before it is opened. The seat had been change from 4 seaters to 2 seaters. This will provide more space for the rider and extra features to enhanced the safety of the seats. This testing are done out of the views of the visitors, probably when the attraction park are closed after the day.

It is great that they have reopen once again just before the Singapore School closed for their June Holidays. This might overtake Transformer as the hottest ride in the park. But yet Transformer has its edge as it is suitable for kids also. Let’s see whether USS Battlestar can unseat Transformer as the No. 1 ride in USS (Singapore).

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