Check MD5 checksum on MAC

You can check the MD5 checksum of any file on your MAC. Launch the Terminal software on your MAC.

Goto Applications – Utilities – Terminal

Navigate to the folder where the file is locate that u want to check the MD5 checksum. U will be at the default drive. To move into the folder, type cd “Folder Name”. In my case, my folder is Downloads so I will type cd Downloads and hit enter.

Checking the MD5 Checksum of file


Result will be as shown as extract from Terminal on my MAC

MD5 ( = 241ef4288d58b4264415a4dbb8cdb14f


You are return the MD5 checksum code which you can check with the MD5 code provide for you by the person who upload the file. This is to ensure that the file u obtain is correct and not corrupted.

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