Jurong Point Rewards Queue System

Is Singapore ready for a gracious society? I think we are still not that ready after seeing an incident unroll at Jurong Point Customer Service Centre. A man has queue at the customer service centre to get his rewards. The staff inform him that he need to purchase something more in order to get the rewards. He continue his shopping and return later to the staff to exchange the rewards. The staff inform him that he need to queue again. He insist not queueing again as he had done it before. The staff insisted he do it as it is not fair to the others who are in the queuing system. The security guard was call in to control the situation. In additional, he customer also want to complain to the management that she is rude to him. I think the staff did the correct thing to control the situation.

Whenever shopping centres come out promotion, queue cannot be avoided in order to get the rewards.  Sometimes information on how to fulfill the rewards or promotion is not available in the shopping centre but at the customer service itself. We also queue and the staff inform us that we need to NETS $100 to get a $10 voucher. I still need to NETS $30 more to qualify for the voucher and so we went shopping again and requeue later to get my voucher.

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