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I was approached by Genneva Gold Agent and ask me to join Genneva Gold Singapore due to its great potential. Previously, I have heard about it from my subscribers who has been earning a interest of 2% monthly from the reward program offered by Genneva Gold.

Genneva Gold will sell you Gold Bullion at a 2% discount on the company Gold Spot Price with a buy back guarantee price. 

At the end of the one month, the buyer can

  1. Sell the Gold back to the Genneva at the Buy Back Price(2% Profit)
  2. Keep the Gold Bullion
  3. Rollover. Perform step one and buy Gold Bullion at a 2% discount.

The deal seems to be a win win situation for both Genneva and the buyer itself.

An example on how this works:

The company sells you Gold at $60 per g. If you purchase 1000g of Gold;

Cost of Gold= $60,000 (Buy Back Price)
2% Discount=  $1200
Net Cost of Gold= $58 800 

The buyer will pay $58 800 for the Gold and at the end of the one month, the buyer will get back $60 000. This is an immediate 2% profit or rollover to the next contract. Individual customers do not need to pay for GST while Corporate Clients will be liable for the GST.

One thought on “Genneva Gold Review”

  1. How I see Genneva Gold Investment… In a nutshell, it is actually a saving plan similar to placing your savings in Fixed Deposit. Whether the price of gold goes up or down, your capital is protected 100% with 1.5% return every month (for a tenure of 6 months); compared to FD which gives you only 2.85% PER YEAR.
    More details, visit: Genneva Gold Savings Plan.
    Pat Lu (012) 210 4898
    Genneva Gold Consultant, Kuala Lumpur

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