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Genneva Gold Review

I was approached by Genneva Gold Agent and ask me to join Genneva Gold Singapore due to its great potential. Previously, I have heard about it from my subscribers who has been earning a interest of 2% monthly from the reward program offered by Genneva Gold.

Genneva Gold will sell you Gold Bullion at a 2% discount on the company Gold Spot Price with a buy back guarantee price. 

At the end of the one month, the buyer can

  1. Sell the Gold back to the Genneva at the Buy Back Price(2% Profit)
  2. Keep the Gold Bullion
  3. Rollover. Perform step one and buy Gold Bullion at a 2% discount.

The deal seems to be a win win situation for both Genneva and the buyer itself.

An example on how this works:

The company sells you Gold at $60 per g. If you purchase 1000g of Gold;

Cost of Gold= $60,000 (Buy Back Price)
2% Discount=  $1200
Net Cost of Gold= $58 800 

The buyer will pay $58 800 for the Gold and at the end of the one month, the buyer will get back $60 000. This is an immediate 2% profit or rollover to the next contract. Individual customers do not need to pay for GST while Corporate Clients will be liable for the GST.