Wireless@SG Free Service Extended

Free Wireless@SG has been extended by the Singapore Government for another 4 years. The free service will end on March 2013 but it is most likely it will stay free beyond the deadline also. The broadband speed will be upgrade to 1Mbps in September 2009.

The three companies managing the Wireless@SG are Singtel, iCell and QMax. They will be able to decide whether they will levy charges on the broadband service after the deadline. Currently there are more than 430,000 users using the service. Some of these users even went on to sign up mobile broadband plan as they want to surf wherever they like and not restricted by the Wireless@SG locations.

Broadband has become an important part of Singapore as more services go online. Students is now the next growing group of customers which need to use Broadband for E-Learning. My Daughter who is in Primary 1 is using Broadband at home to access her E-Learning while at home. This allow her to study her English, Chinese and Maths at home as Admiralty Primary School has tied up with a E-Learning Portal.

For students from needy families, they can sign up for broadband at just S$1.50 monthly or S$54 for three years to use BroadBand Service. They are also able to purchase desktop compters and laptops at less than 50% of the market price for selected models determine under the assistance scheme. There are various schemes available and the family monthly gross income must be less than $2500. Please check out more infomation on the scheme from your school, resident committees or IDA.

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