W705 Tip #4: Wifi Setup

It is easy to setup WiFi on your Sony Ericsson W705 with just 3 clicks. You will then be able to surf the net using your Home WiFi Router or Free Wireless Hotspots.

Setup Wifi Guide

  • Go to Menu – Settings – Connectivity – Wifi
  • Turn on Wifi
  • It will search for Wifi Network within range
  • Your Wifi Network SSID Name will appear
  • Click and connect to your Wifi Network SSID
  • Enter WEP Key if your Network is protected
  • It will prompt to save your Wifi Network as Favourite

It will connect to your Wifi Network and you will see a WiFi Logo on your top screen just beside the Network Signal Strength Bar. You will now be able to surf the net using the WiFi signal. If you lost your Wifi Signal, it will display Disconnected from Network on the top of your screen. If you proceed to surf with the WiFi signal disconnected, it will connect using your Mobile Network GPRS.

2 thoughts on “W705 Tip #4: Wifi Setup”

  1. whenever i tried to access internet on my W705 mobile phone using wi-fi, it always access through my telecom network operator settings. I already have connected to a wi-fi network (both open and secure). please help me out.

  2. Firstly, you have to turn Wifi on and get connected to it. You will then open your browser. If it want to access through your telecom, it means the Wifi signal is not connected to your W705.
    Have u use another device to verify the Wifi signal is OK?

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