W705 Tip #2: Supports Thread Messaging

W705 supports Threaded Messaging just like the current Window Mobile Phone and iPhone Series. In W705, Threaded Messages is also called Conversations. You will be able to see all the messages that you and the other party are communicating. In addidtion, it has another function which also allowed you to see individual SMS Message also just by going to the Inbox. Window Mobile Phone or iPhone does not have this extra service but only Threaded Messages.

This is the term name for Threaded Message for Sony Ericsson Phone. In here, you will be able to see all the messages you are currently exchanging with the other party. You can scroll to the mesaage and get details like when it was sent and received. In addition, you can also scroll to your desire message and choose to delete the particular message or all those older than this message.

4 thoughts on “W705 Tip #2: Supports Thread Messaging”

  1. How can I backup all the text messages from W705 to computer? PC Suite does not display messages on the monitor even though I have about 12K smses in the inbox & almost same number in sent box. How do I back them up …? Can anyone please help…
    PC Suite is the latest version available for the phone …

  2. You have to use the Phone Mode as the Connection Method. Click on Text Messages on Left Sidebar to view all messages on your phone.
    You may copy all messages to the computer via PC Suite. But u cannot copy the messages back to the phone.

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