PC Suite and USB Connection for Viewty

LG KU990/KU990R users who wishes to synchronise their Viewty with the computer must install 2 essential software. You need the USB modem driver in order for the USB cable to function. This will also allowed you to view your external memory card in your Windows Explorer on your PC or Laptop.

Download LG USB Modem Driver>>>

The other software is the PC Suite for synchronising your Viewty with your Outlook. You can also backup or restore your phone using this software. Pls take note that your Viewty package has a small CD which includes all the software for use with your PC or Laptop.

LG KU990 PC Suite is not easily to be found on the internet. I have links for you to download the PC Suite just in case you lose it or your CD is corrupted.

Download only PC Suite
http://upload.sgmob.com/LG PC Suite.zip


If u lost the CD, I am including a update tool here which will enable you to download the cuurent USB driver and PC suite.
LG Software Update Tool>>>

If you are using LG PC Suite, please ensure the Phone Settings – Connectivity – USB Connection Mode is set to Data Service. Likewise, if you just want to access the SD Card of your Viewty in your Windows Explorer please set the Phone Settings – Connectivity – USB Connection Mode to Mass Storage.

94 thoughts on “PC Suite and USB Connection for Viewty”

  1. i have bought an LG phone model KG195 there is no driver cd for browsing with PC i asked to dealers they replied me there is no issue of driver CD for this model How can i get it i asked to many of the people so made early as possible as u can (NEED of LG PC suite of KG195)

  2. how do use the LG software update tool to get the PC suite?
    i have the cd with me but my laptop does not allow me to insert the disc in as it is too small T.T

  3. The LG Software Update Tool Link is at at the blog post above this comment. Pls take note that the small disc although is small but can also be place on your cd rom and run.

  4. i lost my disk how do i download pc suite for lg u9990 some one please help me as im hittin constant dead ends
    last resort throwin the phone away in all seriousness

  5. You do need to throw away the phone as I got the software. I have updated the post to include the link for you to download. If connection by USB cable, you need to dl the PC Suite and USB Modem Driver.

  6. where is the password once you download the software….when I downloaded the software and I try to unzip it or rar it asks for a password

  7. Thanks for this! I was trying very hard to locate my external memory on the laptop but couldn’t find. Didn’t know I should change to Mass Storage.
    Thanks again! (:

  8. i used the password, the password and also the software work well. except the auto-installer. very helpful, thanks.

  9. Where can I download the pc suite II for LG KF-350?I need to re-install it and my cd doesnt work anymore:(

  10. Hi Richard. I might be the only one with this problem. I still cant get connected. I have a Mac, and using the Parallels program, i’m able to use Windows XP. In Windows, I’ve installed the USB modem driver. Then I installed the LG PC Suite. Then when i try to connect via USB, it fails to find my fone. Any ideas? Thanks a lot. -Raymond

  11. Have u enable the USB Connection on your phone to the Data Service? If it still cannot works, then u must try on a Windows XP Laptop that is not a mac.

  12. this as a truly awesome website, ive been looking for a long time for this and had no luck, thankyou guys!!!!!!!!!

  13. ahhh dudes i am having a bit of trouble, it says i need a password to extract the files, ive tried calumneilson but that dosnt work, any suggestions?

  14. If nothing happens, it may not be use at the server side of LG already. You can download the PC Suite in my post which will work for most LG Phones except the Window Mobile Version.

  15. Ξ™ have LGKM500 and I have installed LG USB Modem Driver.My problem is when I try to install LG PC Suite through the disk I have,it says”failure”.When I try to install Suite from here,its says ”failure in launcher” :S

  16. I am not sure whether your computer has problem. But the PC Suite here is working and after installation allow it to update to the latest in order for it to support all the latest LG Phone.

  17. finaly found that schit….. 4 days i was looking for that pc fucking suite
    and all thanks to richard lang its ok now…. so thanks…. cute girl on that picture btw… πŸ™‚

  18. i have downloaded the pc suite and everything that has poped up, but after opening it and connecting my phone it wont let me access anything. For example i click on contents and nothing happens. Please help i really want my phone pics πŸ™‚

  19. Hi,
    Thanks for the software links, I have just purchased a KS360 and have been trying to link it to my PC. However, after install PC Suite and the drivers the LG program states the phone is ready but them the PC Suite states their is a problem linking to the phone and them shuts down.
    Any help would be grateful,

  20. hey richard jang i got my fone from UK but i didnt get the cd i searched d net dy n dite but urs wz d easiest and the best….Thnax a billion!!!!

  21. hey richard i started to use the suite after d comment derfore i cudnt rite my probs den…now heres my prob….eveytym i try to connect wid the contents icon…it sez dis software does not suport the model..my model is KU990i…wat do i do????

  22. Hi, just to say a big thank you ! i own a second hand ku990 without driver and pc suite.
    Thanks for the downloads

  23. Hay,
    the link for lg pc suite does not work, if I click on it they ask if I want to open the file or save the file. I clicked on open and the page gets to load but it stays white and says that the page is ready.. I’ve looked on the net but I can’t find anything! This site is my only hope. I did’t get a cd with my viewty and I realy want to connect my phone to my computer, can you help me?
    (Sorry if my English isn’t good, I’m Dutch)

  24. I’ve tried to save the file this time and it worked! I’ve now got the lg pc suite on my computer so I don’t need your help anymore with that.
    I’ve got an other problem now xD The program does not reconaise my phone or something so they can’t connect.. I don’t get it at all! =(

  25. so hi again…i use the LG PC suite but i set my phone at mass storage and at the LG pc suite appear to me music sync player something like that…do you have a yahoo ID???…i want to speak with u to make me understand:D…please just if u want

  26. i can connect to pc suite in idle screen, but when i try and access any of the features it says its not connected !

  27. ive downloaded pc suite and lg tool got everything set up and working but when connect phone it says put in pc suite in connectivity connection mode and i havent got pc suite in connection mode what do i do

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