iPhone 3G Coming Soon to Singapore

IphoneThe iPhone 3G will be launching in Singapore later this year. But no official launch dates has been set and all iPhone fans just have to wait. Do not recontract your Singtel mobile contract if you are looking to own the iPhone.

The iPhone 3G will be going for US$199 for the 8GB and US$299 for the 16GB. We will have to wait and see what prices Singtel will be setting for the initial launch. It is expected to sold out in the initial launch and prices maybe expensive. Prices may come down only in 2009.

You can surf the internet using Safari, read your email, watch Youtube Videos, and use Google map to navigate around. There are many other applications to play around with this gadget. You will not be able to jail break it in the initial stage unlike iTouch.

We will update you once this iPhone is launch in Singapore. You may subscribe to our blog feeds to get the latest information.

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