How to check Viewty Firmware?

There are many firmware versions type for different service provider. It consist of ver 10a, 10b, 10c, 10d and 10e.I am using the latest Viewty, LG KU990R for this firmware check.
You can check the firmware by keying in 3845#*990#

SW Version: KU990R-MSM6280-V10a-JAN-21-2008-SG(R236015C)
Media Version: KU990R-MEDIA-V10a-JAN-21-2008-SGP
Module Version: KU990R-MODULE-V10a-JAN-21-2008-SGP
HW Version: NYX_B(C)
DSP Version: App5C C1 ROM – 0x60700
Factory Version is KU990R-00-V10a-525-XX-JAN-21-2008

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  1. Hi! Am from Australia. Can you please tell me from where I can key in this code 3845#*990# to check the firmware version?

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