Install Themes on LG Viewty KU990/KU990R

The LG KU990 Viewty does not officially support the user
installation of new handset themes – but that hasn’t stopped Viewty
owners…like me?

At present, there is no officially sanctioned way to download and install new Flash-based themes onto your LG KU990 Viewty.

Just a word of caution: I, or anyone else accepts no responsibility
for any damage that hacking into your Viewty to upload a new theme will
cause. Installing a new, unofficial theme using these methods may
violate your Viewty’s warranty. DO IT AT YOUR OWN RISK.

Backup the contents of your phone. This is vital man. Do this with a
software called EFS Media Builder. This software allows you to browse
and delete protected directories on your Viewty. Don’t worry, I have
scouted the internet for these programs, and I’ll provide you the links
to access the necessary files to get your themes up and running!
You may wish to download the backup guide by clicking here>>>

EFS Media Builder is just the tool used to access the “secret” and
hidden directories on your LG Viewty. However, you’ll also need Themes
Manager 3.2, which contains the various themes like iPhone, Windows
Theme, Viewty and many other themes.

So what you do is access the “secret” directories I told you about, and basically install these themes into your phone.

Step 1: Download the files EFS MediaBuilder and Theme Manager 3.2

Step 2: Run EFS Media Builder, and navigate to “LGAPP/Media/swf/theme”. BACKUP “theme_bg2.swf”. If you really don’t want to fuck things up, just backup the whole damn “theme” folder.

Step 3: Choose where you want to install your theme manager.

Installing to Memory Card:

1) Install “theme_bg2.swf” into “LGAPP/Media/swf/theme” using EFS Media Builder then restart the phone once done.
2) Navigate to Settings, Phone settings, Connectivity, USB Connection
mode and pick Mass Storage from the list then connect the phone to pc
3) Switch USB connection mode to Mass Storage then browse to the Memory Card/Removable Storage.
4) Drag and drop the “Themes” folder from the rar file directly to the root of the memory card.
6) Navigate to Settings, Screen, Handset theme and pick Silver from the list.

Installing to Phone Memory

1) Edit the “ThemeList.txt” file to make all custom themes point towards the phone memory (//LGAPP/Media/swf/theme/Themes)
2) Navigate to “LGAPP/Media/swf/theme” with EFS Media Builder.
3) Drag and drop “theme_bg2.swf” file and the “Themes” folder into this loction then restart the phone.
4) Navigate to Settings, Screen, Handset theme and pick Silver from the list
You need to edit the ThemeList.txt if you install to the Phone as it currently set to the memory card location. Change the '0' to '1' for all the themes in the ThemeList.txt file.

Step 4: Installing additional themes (if any)

Perform the following:

1) Create a new folder inside the “Themes” folder and give it a name relevant to the theme you’re about to install.
2) Drag and drop all the new theme files into the newly created folder.
3) Update “ThemeList.txt” to point towards the newly installed theme .SWF files.

Step 5:

So now that you’ve installed it successfully, what do you do? Run it of course.
Please ensure that the current theme is Silver or change it. It will not work with other themes like Black and Fish.

To load the Themes Manager, double tap the “C” button (located on
the actual handset) to bring up the list of available themes. Use the
left and rights arrows, or use the jog wheel, to navigate through the
pages and click on the theme you wish you use. Once you have a theme
you wish to keep double tap “C” button again to hide the menu.

You can also swap between the built in icon styles by pressing the “Black” or “Coloured” button.

115 thoughts on “Install Themes on LG Viewty KU990/KU990R”

  1. @tech stuffs,
    i just downloaded the efs media builder and extract it on my pc but it is empty, what will i do for this? thanks…

  2. When i download the efs media builder it is a zip folder and i can’t download it what do i do…..plz help asp

  3. im not really good with comps what is winzip or winrar cos i extracy it normally on me laptop and folder is empty once i have finished where am i ment to save the theme manager on my viewty cos it goes to others and i cant download it on my fone cos there is like a red question mark im so sorry but im dumb plz help asp

  4. Hi I have finally got this theme manager to work took me all day on and off, had to borrow my girlfriends mem card as it wouldnt work any other way !!! Anyway I want to use this iphone theme but it tends to run very slow and crashes any suggestions??

  5. Winzip and Winrar are zip programs from different company.
    Drag and drop the Themes folder to the root of the memory card as mention in my guide. It is easy to install on the memory card than on the phone memory.
    The virus warning from efs media builder is a false alarm. Use it and delete from your computer after using it to prevent your anti virus giving the warning again.

  6. The iPhone Theme on the Viewty is not very stable. It is no so responsive when u try to do the sliding sometimes. Nothing much we can do currently. Use the other themes if it crashes your phone.

  7. If you have lost the main Themes Folder, you can download the Theme manager 3.2 on this page to recover it back. Inside also include the theme_bg2.swf but if u have deleted the 2 other main themes files, u can email me to get it back on your Viewty.

  8. Yes, you can uninstall the theme manager. The themes are group into folder and you can delete those that you do not want to see using the EFS Media Builder. You also need to edit the ThemeList.txt file.

  9. Hi. I think i need help here. I’m currently using KU990R and NONE of the themes work for me even though u followed the steps to install in the memory card. Enlighten me please. Thanks. 🙂

  10. You must have installed the theme_bg2.swf as listed in step 1. Remember to select the silver theme as your phone theme first.
    Lastly you can load the Themes Manager, double tap the “C” button (located on the actual handset) to bring up the list of available themes.

  11. erm. do you mean that i should have installed other .swf files into my phone using EFS media builder? and do i have to transfer the themelist.txt into the phone using EFS as well? so sorry. i quite a noob in this.

  12. You must install the theme_bg2.swf as listed in step 1 of installing to memory card using EFS media builder to “LGAPP/Media/swf/theme”.
    Themelist.txt is inside the Themes folder and this folder must be drop into the root of the memory card.

  13. here is the stupid question. Can somebody give me the link where could i download this themes first, i have been trying for about a couple of hours and i only find the sites where i must be a member of them. I
    didnt try to register because I asume that they want my credit card. But while I am writting this message maybe I will register and maybe it would be free! heehhe. Sorry on my english! So meanwhile if someone has a link i would be greatfull! Thanks!

  14. Please download the Theme Manager 3.2 in my blog post above as the link is in step 1. There are many themes inside the zip file available for use on your Viewty.

  15. Can the issue with the memory card showing full be resolved?The card is not full and the numbers are correct but the pie chart thingy say 100% used.
    Also can i get a copy of the silver theme file as i could not back it up so i just overwrite it whish is ok but i may need to revert back to standard at some time.

  16. oh i need the keylock, the player theme file and the original silver theme i need them fast sorry for the interupt 🙂 thx for everyone for the help 🙂

  17. Guys the EFS Media builder is a backdoor.gray trojan, I have very high internet security and everytime you go to open the file it is a virus entering your computer.
    Good luck and dont download these files! They’re viruses!

  18. The EFS Media Builder will show as a trojan on any anti virus program but it is not one. You need to disable the anti virus and use it. After complete enable the anti virus back.


  20. Hihi, I’ve install everything successfully into memory card. But I can only see Theme folder from Memory card and I cant see any other themes I’ve installed into the phone other than the 3 original themes. Have followed the instruction. But most of the files wen I tried to view or use, it will says Maximum file size exceeded.. So What shd I do? Pls advise Thanks a million!!

  21. In ref to prev msg, I can only see the 3 original theme from the Handset Theme under Screen section. The rest of the themes installed only seen under Themes in Memory card and under Other files, I see a lot of files with red ? mark for e.g. shortcut.xml files etc. Pls help thanks.

  22. And oh ya…any themes I see in the Theme Folder is only for viewing, not for applying on the phone.. Is there any steps which I miss or gone wrong?

  23. yes.I’ve installed the theme_bg2.swf from the rar folder (to replace the original theme_bg2)into phone using EFS and also rename those “theme_bg1.swf or theme_bg2.swf” files in the respective themes folder (eg. Angel_viewty.swf)and install them into LGAPP->Media->swf folder. But still when i double tap the Hard C button.. it jus bring me back into the Screen page showing the list of “main screen theme…to Font” is there anything wrong with the steps? pls advise. thanks

  24. It should work with KU990R. Have u install the USB driver for your KU990R? If u can syn with your LG PC Suite via USB cable then this program here will also be able to detect you phone.

  25. Hi. I used to have a LG KU990 but have since bought a LG KF900. I just want to know if EFS Media Builder will work with LG KF900. If not, any suggestions as to where I can get a troubleshoot? Thank you.

  26. I do not have one but someone try it and install to memory card and it works. Some themes may not work as develop for KU990 but most themes will work. You can try if u want.


  28. ehm, its that possible that we hack at the “black theme” not the “silver theme” ?.. i search that for whole day but i couldn’t found it. because i prefer that black icon.

  29. The hack was available for the silver theme only. Nobody has done it on the black theme and I am not sure why. But after u install, you can search for a theme that has the black icon.

  30. hi dares something wrong with my silver theme? when i go to set it it jus sets to the theme i had set before like black or fish?? and nothing happens when i double press c to open themes??

  31. No, it is not going to delete anything from the phone memory. The only thing u are overriding is the silver theme file. This is to enable you to run the Theme Manager on the Viewty.

  32. Hey!
    where it says Step 2: Run EFS Media Builder, and navigate to “LGAPP/Media/swf/theme how do i get to <<< that?

  33. Run the EFS Media Builder and it looks just like a Window Explorer. Just navigate to LGAPP/Media/swf/theme like u do on a Window Explorer.
    Are u having trouble on the navigating to the folder?

  34. hai i tried to do steps but i renamed a wrong folder and did refreshed. after i noticed its wrong. my phone screen turned into yellow color (refreshing) after i renamed rite name but it still in the yellow screen what i wanna do now?

  35. What folder u have rename wrong, is it the phone memory one?
    If it is the Storage Card then it should be no problem. Try to reset your phone after u put the correct name back to the folder. It should not affect anything if no deletion has been done.

  36. I have installed the Theme manager on my viewty, all works fine EXCEPT the video function now doesn’t work, when I try to use it the phone freezes and I have to remove the battery to get it started. This didn’t happen before I installed the theme manager.
    Two questions:
    1. Do you know anything I can do to get the video working again?
    2. If you don’t how do I uninstall the theme manager? I did try replcing the LGAPP file with the backup one from before I installed Theme manager, but it said two of the files were corrupt so I had to go back to the post-theme manager one.

  37. I’ve actually managed to sort the problem, but thought I’d add a comment here in case anyone else is having their camera freeze too!
    I went into phone settings – reset settings and put it back to factory standard. Everything is still on the phone, including the theme manager – I just had to reset the clock and time and put the phone theme to silver to use the new themes – and the camera now works properly too. result!

  38. Having said all that, now it#’s not working, I’ve done both a soft reset and a complete factory reset and the camera still locks up the phone 9 times out of ten. it’s going back now and I’ll try and find something else, shame because other than this problem it’s a great phone.

  39. It work for most of the Viewty users but I am not sure how your problem comes about. Or u may visit the LG Service Centre and flash it to their latest firmware.

  40. I’m unable to extract the EFS Media Builder using WINRAR. It’s being blocked by Mcafee. Tis is the msg i got “Trojan removed”. Pls help! Thank you!

  41. I tried by locking down the firewall but it’s still being blocked by Mcafee. This is the msg i got, McAfee has automatically blocked and removed a Trojan.
    About this Trojan
    Detected: BackDoor-AWQ.b (Trojan), BackDoor-AWQ.b (Trojan)
    Location: C:Documents and SettingsLimLocal SettingsTempEFS MEDIA BUILDER by AKOM1976.exe
    Trojans appear as legitimate programs but can damage valuable files, disrupt performance, and allow unauthorized access to your computer.
    Any other solutions? Kindly reply a.s.a.p. Thanks!

  42. Open McAfee Security Center. Click on Computer and Files. You can see the Configure on the box to the right of it. In the Virus Protection is Enable,click to off and you can choose to disable the Virus scan off for a certain period of time or enable it on the next reboot. You can also enable it back yourself.

  43. Finally able to extract it. But found out that when using EFS gotta off the anti-virus if not it’ll be removed automatically, quite troublesome. Thanks for your help!

  44. totally lost..dnt noe wat to do sia..really dnt understand all there any other way to install for the theme software??i mean the easiest way??headache uh read these step..hahaha

  45. I am sorry but if u really want the themes on it, this is the lengthy step that you have follow. LG only provide three themes for use and if u want more, then u need to follow instructions here.

  46. i cant back up my files, i get to right click and read and it says download error for a couple and direcotry error or something for others…

  47. the themes manager doesn’t seem to work..i double-clicked the C button but nothing happened..i followed all the installation instructions..i need your help..

  48. how to take a beck up of theme_bg2.swf” files .My silver theme is not working, wht should i do .i didnot have the beckup of that file could u send me that file on my email id and how to restore the silver theme.Also tell me how to install the theme .plese guide me

  49. Hi. I have a big problem! Last day i “accidently” deleted the Pxo folder from my phone(the folder remaind but all the .pxo files are gone from it). Is there any posibility to get them back on my phone, i have a back up. I tried to upload them but i get an upload error mesage.Can anybody help! PLEASE! Thank you! (sorry for my english)

  50. You may want to use the backup. You need to rename the LGAPP directory in ViewTY to TOTO. Put all the backup files back to TOTO. After complete, rename it to LGAPP.
    If still does not work, then u need to send to service centre to flash the ROM.

  51. Hi Will this work on a KU990i? i just wondered b4 i tried it because i dont want to mess up my phone :S and can i backup on the lgpcsuite program that i got in the box?
    Either post the answer here or email me on thanks m8 (:

  52. It was tested working on KU990 and not sure whether it will work on the KU990i.LG PC Suite only backup your contacts, sms and files on your KU990i.
    The most important is to backup the theme_bg2.swf(Silver Theme) for this modification. If u are not confident, you may want to skip this step. But this is the only way if users want more than the 3 themes provided.

  53. i forgot to say that it works on ku990i but not all themes. Some themes doesn`t work 100% and block the phone, you need to wait a few minuts to unblock.

  54. I`ve found a working usb modem driver and pc suit for the ku990i.
    Here it goes: LG MC USB U330 driver, i`ve found it on LG site in Thecnical support.

  55. The EFS MEDIA BUILDER doesn’t find my LG Viewty :O.
    I’ve tried every USB function. Music, Extern and Detail.
    Why does EFS MEDIA BUILDER doesn’t find my mobile phone?

  56. Hi I have two problems, the Efs media builder is detected as a trojan on Windows 7 with Mcafee how can I still open the file if it is not a virus, the second problem is my phone comes with the themes Black, T-mobile and Fish only I dont have silver will it still work. Thanks

  57. but my viewty not show the files and folder when i connect my lg viewty via usb cable i just see a cancel icon……..and i dnt understand what are you saying plz send me the video plz or tutorial.
    thank you very much…

  58. i don’t understand whatare you saying plz plz plz send me video or tutorial thank you very much……..

  59. Hi, Before installing theme manager, I want to back up the theme folder as you recommend in Step2.
    I’m using EFS download from this blog, but when I select the theme folder inside the Viewty and right-click and select read, the system prompts to me a error message and doesn’t copy the folder. I’ve tried copying the files individualy, but didn’t work as well.. I’ve checked out the log file in the folder of EFS, and it says bad command.
    Do you have any sugestions?
    A little detail, my phone is a KU990i, can it be from this?

  60. i have bought lg ku990 i wana download n install the themes bt i m facing problem to doing it Can you email me and give me a detailed tutorial please

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