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Install Themes on LG Viewty KU990/KU990R

The LG KU990 Viewty does not officially support the user
installation of new handset themes – but that hasn’t stopped Viewty
owners…like me?

At present, there is no officially sanctioned way to download and install new Flash-based themes onto your LG KU990 Viewty.

Just a word of caution: I, or anyone else accepts no responsibility
for any damage that hacking into your Viewty to upload a new theme will
cause. Installing a new, unofficial theme using these methods may
violate your Viewty’s warranty. DO IT AT YOUR OWN RISK.

Backup the contents of your phone. This is vital man. Do this with a
software called EFS Media Builder. This software allows you to browse
and delete protected directories on your Viewty. Don’t worry, I have
scouted the internet for these programs, and I’ll provide you the links
to access the necessary files to get your themes up and running!
You may wish to download the backup guide by clicking here>>>

EFS Media Builder is just the tool used to access the “secret” and
hidden directories on your LG Viewty. However, you’ll also need Themes
Manager 3.2, which contains the various themes like iPhone, Windows
Theme, Viewty and many other themes.

So what you do is access the “secret” directories I told you about, and basically install these themes into your phone.

Step 1: Download the files EFS MediaBuilder and Theme Manager 3.2

Step 2: Run EFS Media Builder, and navigate to “LGAPP/Media/swf/theme”. BACKUP “theme_bg2.swf”. If you really don’t want to fuck things up, just backup the whole damn “theme” folder.

Step 3: Choose where you want to install your theme manager.

Installing to Memory Card:

1) Install “theme_bg2.swf” into “LGAPP/Media/swf/theme” using EFS Media Builder then restart the phone once done.
2) Navigate to Settings, Phone settings, Connectivity, USB Connection
mode and pick Mass Storage from the list then connect the phone to pc
3) Switch USB connection mode to Mass Storage then browse to the Memory Card/Removable Storage.
4) Drag and drop the “Themes” folder from the rar file directly to the root of the memory card.
6) Navigate to Settings, Screen, Handset theme and pick Silver from the list.

Installing to Phone Memory

1) Edit the “ThemeList.txt” file to make all custom themes point towards the phone memory (//LGAPP/Media/swf/theme/Themes)
2) Navigate to “LGAPP/Media/swf/theme” with EFS Media Builder.
3) Drag and drop “theme_bg2.swf” file and the “Themes” folder into this loction then restart the phone.
4) Navigate to Settings, Screen, Handset theme and pick Silver from the list
You need to edit the ThemeList.txt if you install to the Phone as it currently set to the memory card location. Change the '0' to '1' for all the themes in the ThemeList.txt file.

Step 4: Installing additional themes (if any)

Perform the following:

1) Create a new folder inside the “Themes” folder and give it a name relevant to the theme you’re about to install.
2) Drag and drop all the new theme files into the newly created folder.
3) Update “ThemeList.txt” to point towards the newly installed theme .SWF files.

Step 5:

So now that you’ve installed it successfully, what do you do? Run it of course.
Please ensure that the current theme is Silver or change it. It will not work with other themes like Black and Fish.

To load the Themes Manager, double tap the “C” button (located on
the actual handset) to bring up the list of available themes. Use the
left and rights arrows, or use the jog wheel, to navigate through the
pages and click on the theme you wish you use. Once you have a theme
you wish to keep double tap “C” button again to hide the menu.

You can also swap between the built in icon styles by pressing the “Black” or “Coloured” button.