Hand, Food and Mouth Disease Spreads

The Hand, Food and Mouth Disease(HFMD) has started to spread and the Ministry of Health has ordered Two Pre-School Centre and Five Child Care Centre to closed for ten days. In addition, a further seven preschools and six childcare centres with sustained transmission will be advised to consider voluntary closure for 10 days. Closure of a centre will assist in breaking the transmission of HFMD cases and allow the centre to thoroughly clean the premises. It is most likely to affect working parents who have nobody to look after their kids.

We have called all parents to have contingency plans previously and I hope most of you are prepared for this crisis. It have happen in the Year 2000 and now it has resurface in year 2008. Together with the Ministry of Health, Parents, Pre-School Centre and Childhood Centre working together, we can break the spread of HFMD again. For more details, please visit the Ministry of Health website.

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