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I love watching videos on and I will download it to my iPod and watch while travelling to work. Many subscribers has ask me how I do it and I will now give you an insight why I am able to play Youtube and Tudou videos on my iPod. I used a software called Internet Download Manager. It allows me to download the flv video content on to my computer.
Download the Internet Download Manager>>>

Downloading Tudou Videos

  • Visit the Tudou videos that u like to download
  • Wait for the video to start playing
  • Right click anywhere on the webpage
  • Choose Download FLV video content with IDM

The videos will be download to your computer. The video is in flv format. You can get a free flv player on the internet. But you need a flv convertor to convert it to iPod video format and I use Replay Convertor. I am attaching a converted video from to play on my Ipod Nano.
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