My First Ipod Nano

I have bought my first Ipod Nano 8GB for S$280 on the internet. It is really a cool and sleek device. The first time it will take about 3 hours of charging by using the USB cable. The iTunes will detect the player and prompt you to register your Ipod Nano through the iTunes software. In the iTunes software on the left hand side, you will see the Devices and your iPod name under it. Clicking on it you will be able to view the summary of your iPod. You can synchronize all your Music, Movies, TV Shows, Podcasts, Photos, Contact, Games from here. In the Summary page, you will see the iPod name, the capacity of the storage, software version of the iPod and the serial number. You can verify that the serial number display on the iTunes is similar to the one display on the box. If it is different, please return to the reatiler as the package may have been tamper with.

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