Samsung Yp-K3 MP3 Player

Today I will talk about the pro and cons of this music player. It sound system is good as it got 3D surrond sound. The menu is also easy to navigate with its touch screen function. You can also listen radio on the play. It also allows you to add text files to the player which you do not find this functions on other players. Some of the cons of this player is that you cannot add or delete songs and edit your play list. All these has to be done from the Samsung Media Studio. But Apple and Creative have the functions on its player without the need to access their media studio. This is a point Samsung can improve on its future player or through upgrade of firmware.

2 thoughts on “Samsung Yp-K3 MP3 Player”

  1. Hi!
    How did you manage to get the player at S$199?
    The Samsung YP-K3 is a UMS at heart so I believe you can add/delete songs to/from it like any removable storage media.
    The only feature that I can’t understand is the playlist. How do you create a playlist? What kind of playlist format does it support?
    Btw, nice clean theme on your blog!

  2. I love my little yp-k3 but the only thing shitting me is the playlist like you mentioned and the way it doesn’t really read id3/4 tags ._.’
    For the playlist to work I believe you’d have to go into the media studio and duplicate whatever songs from your computer to it; rather then just setting the already transferred songs and frankly for a 4gig player, thats such a space waster =/

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