Playin TV

Playin TV is a new channel for playing games on your television. This is available to all Starhub Digital Cable Subscribers. There is some free games on the channel for you to test it out. Press Channel 401 to access Playin TV. At any time, subscribers of Playin’TV will be able to enjoy up to a total of 19 easy-to-play TV games suitable for all ages. The 19 games will include the six Playin’TV Mini games and an additional 13 games, with genre ranging from sports, puzzle, card games, action to simple arcade games. The game titles will be rotated regularly and new titles will be introduced monthly. Playin’TV is available at a monthly subscription of $8 ($8.40 with 5% GST) with complimentary waiver of first digital set-top box.

NEW! Playin’TV Triple Play
Playin’TV is also on Mobile and Internet! Now you can continue playing your favourite TV games on Mobile and the internet for FREE. To continue playing a game on mobile or internet, simply enter the Playin’Code at the start of the game.

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