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Mobile Data Plan

It is essential to get a data plan attached to your voice plan. Singtel, Starhub and M1 offered data plan for all your mobile phones. Singtel BBOM and Starhub MaxMobile has been agressively marketing their data plan for all voice plan customers.
You can now read emails, surf the Internet, MSN and used applications which utilized data over the network. There is no need of worry of the GPRS charges as it is covered by the data plan.
Get a low data plan like Singtel BBOM 2MB plan at $3.21 if you are a lite user. For more data usage, you can choose the 10MB or 50GB BBOM plan. There is a data plan available that suits your budget.

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Nokia Original Ring Tones

Many users has been asking where are the original Nokia ring tones store at? You are able to access it on your phone through the profile setting but you will not be able to send it to your friend through bluetooth. It is now store on the phone ram and you will not be able to download to your computer or send it as it does not appear in the Gallery or the File Manager.
You need a third party tool like the X-plore which allow you to see all the directories in the phone just like the Windows Explorer. The default Nokia Ring Tones are stored at Z:soundsdigital

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N95 Applications

There are signed and unsigned applications for the N series phone. Please take note that you will not be able to installed unsigned application to your N series phone. You need to signed the applications before you can installed on your phone. Signed applications will allow you to install on the N series phone without signing it. Some applications will not need to be signed like symbian games(.sis) and can be installed on the N Series phone.
Therefore, if you are unable to installed some software to N Series it is due to the fact the applications is unsigned. Signed applications will have the extension of .sisx

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N73 Memory Card Access on Computer

It allow you to transfer files between your N73 SD card and computer without the need to install any drivers. You can use the Data Cable function in the Tool menu. Set the Data cable mode to "Ask on connection". Connect the data cable between the N73 and your computer. Choose mass storage on your N73 and you can see your memory card of N73 in the Windows Explorer. You can now copy your music, videos, pictures and files between your computer and the SD card.