iCloud Terms and Conditions Looping

The new iCloud Terms and Conditions keep looping even after I accept it. It was a repeating process and the notification did not went away.

iCloud terms and conditions looping

  1. Accept the new iCloud Terms and Conditions
  2. It is still looping to ask you to accept
  3. Sign out of your Apple ID
  4. Restart the iPhone or iPad
  5. Sign in your Apple ID
  6. The notification should disappear

There is no other viable solutions should you meet with the above issues. Apple Support will also asked you the take the above steps if all other means are exhausted.


IOS 11 Tips #01

You can use the night shift function to read the screen when the room is dark. It is more smoothing for your eyes.

Go to Settings – Display & Brightness – Night Shift to enable the function. You can adjust the warm tones according to your needs.

It is not recommended to use your phone in a dark environment for a long period of time. It will strained your eyes. The eyes will be wet and tears will drip if you use over a period of time.


Apple iOS App Refund

Please take note that iOS users can refund the app that you have purchase if you find that it is unable to deliver its intended function as promised. I have manage to get a refund for the paid app that I download but did not fulfilled as what is set out in their sales page.

  1. Go to your iTunes App
  2. Select Account – Account Info
  3. Login with your Apple ID account
  4. Scroll down to Purchase History and click on See All
  5. Click on the arrow icon beside the order date of the app you want to get refund
  6. Click on Report a Problem on the app line item
  7. It will bring you to the browser to fill in the problem
  8. Click submit and the money will be refund to you
  9. The app will no longer receive software update

This is something Apple will not tell you openly. Hope you can get your refund sucessfully like me.


IOS Home Screens

ios screen

iOS will soon be launch on the iPhone and iPad devices. Let’s take a look on how the iOS Home Screens has evolved over the past few years.

Let’s recapture the screenshot as most of us would have forget it. The following are iPhone models that u would have own:

  • iPhone(1st Generation)
  • iPhone 3G
  • iPhone 3GS
  • iPhone 4
  • iPhone 4S
  • iPhone 5

iOS 6 Missing Contacts

Many iPhone users has start to lose their contacts when they change to Backup on iCloud during their upgrade to iOS 6 software. Our Android friends do not face this issue as their Contacts are store on the Google(Gmail) Account.

I will share with you on how some iPhone users has overcome this:

  • Connect iPhone to iTunes
  • Go to iPhone Summary
  • Unclick the Back up iCloud
  • Click the Back up to computer
  • Go to info tab, at the bottom(advance settings)"Replace info on this iPhone"
  • Click on Contacts
  • Sync

Do not depend on iCloud too much. Ensure that you backup to your computer quarterly to avoid any contacts missing.


iPhone Transfer to Computer

ImTOO iPhone Transfer is the ultimate upgrade for your iPhone. Sick of iTunes’ limitations? Then this is your solution. Transfer files between your computer, iPhone, and iTunes. With the ImTOO iPhone Transfer, you are free to transfer videos, music, and photos from PC to iPhone and iPhone to PC. Backup files from iPhone to computer and transfer your iPhone music and videos onto your computer and iTunes. Photos and videos shot by the device are also supported.

ImTOO iPhone Transfer works well with iPhone, iPhone 3G, iPhone 3GS , iPhone 4 and even iPod touch, and fully supports multiple iOS devices simultaneously. No other iPod transferring software currently on the market is able to do this with the same efficiency. As an iPhone backup tool, ImTOO iPhone Transfer helps you transfer iPhone music, videos and photos to your computer hard drive. It can also transfer files from iPhone straight to iTunes.


ImTOO iPhone Transfer