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Setup Singnet 2 Wire Modem

Singnet does not provide a detail instruction on how to setup the Singnet 2 Wire 2701HGV-E Modem. I am providing you a detail explanation on how to setup your modem for Broadband Connection. It is specially created for all novice Singnet Broadband users. You do not even need to use the CD they provide as you will need to disable your anti virus and firewall program in order for it to work.

Setting up 2 WIRE Modem(For First Time User)

You will need to start with the hardware setup first.

  1. Connect Power Adaptor Cable to the Power Port on the Modem
  2. Plug your telephone cable to Phone Line Port on Modem and to your telephone socket point
  3. Connect LAN/Ethernet/RJ45 cable to LOCAL ETHERNET port (can plug to any port) and the other end to your computer
  4. Power on your Modem

You need to wait for it to load up and the Broadband Light turns Stable. If the Broadband light is blinking, please contact Singnet. At this point, the Internet light will still be RED .

The next step is to setup the Modem so that you can start surfing the internet.

Modem Setup Configuration

  1. Modem and computer is now connected via LAN Cable
  2. Open your browser like Internet Explorer, Mozilla Firefox or Opera
  3. Type in the URL Box
  4. You should see INTERNET CONNECT/DISCONNECT on the left hand side
  5. Click on the link
  6. Fill in the following information

    USER NAME: user id@singnet (provided by Singtel)
    PASSWORD: broadband password (provided by Singtel)
    CONFIRM PASSWORD: broadband password (provided by Singtel)
  7. Click CONNECT
  8. Internet light should turn from Red to Green

You should be ready to start surfing the internet once you got the Internet Light turn to Green. If Internet light is still RED, it means broadband password is wrong.


Wireless@SG Free Service Extended

Free Wireless@SG has been extended by the Singapore Government for another 4 years. The free service will end on March 2013 but it is most likely it will stay free beyond the deadline also. The broadband speed will be upgrade to 1Mbps in September 2009.

The three companies managing the Wireless@SG are Singtel, iCell and QMax. They will be able to decide whether they will levy charges on the broadband service after the deadline. Currently there are more than 430,000 users using the service. Some of these users even went on to sign up mobile broadband plan as they want to surf wherever they like and not restricted by the Wireless@SG locations.

Broadband has become an important part of Singapore as more services go online. Students is now the next growing group of customers which need to use Broadband for E-Learning. My Daughter who is in Primary 1 is using Broadband at home to access her E-Learning while at home. This allow her to study her English, Chinese and Maths at home as Admiralty Primary School has tied up with a E-Learning Portal.

For students from needy families, they can sign up for broadband at just S$1.50 monthly or S$54 for three years to use BroadBand Service. They are also able to purchase desktop compters and laptops at less than 50% of the market price for selected models determine under the assistance scheme. There are various schemes available and the family monthly gross income must be less than $2500. Please check out more infomation on the scheme from your school, resident committees or IDA.

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Mobile Data Plan

It is essential to get a data plan attached to your voice plan. Singtel, Starhub and M1 offered data plan for all your mobile phones. Singtel BBOM and Starhub MaxMobile has been agressively marketing their data plan for all voice plan customers.
You can now read emails, surf the Internet, MSN and used applications which utilized data over the network. There is no need of worry of the GPRS charges as it is covered by the data plan.
Get a low data plan like Singtel BBOM 2MB plan at $3.21 if you are a lite user. For more data usage, you can choose the 10MB or 50GB BBOM plan. There is a data plan available that suits your budget.

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Free Playstation 3 with Starhub


Get the Playstation 3 for free when you signed up with Maxonline. This is currently available for online sign up only.You have to sign up for the Maxonline Premium or the Maxonline Ultimate.
This is a good promotion for all PS3 fans to get the set for free. You may also get this set at a lower market price on auction or classified sites online from Starhub Maxonline subscribers who do not want the gift from their new or recontract plans.
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Playstation 3(40GB)

  • Play Games and Watch Movies on Blu-Ray Disc
  • Cell Broadband Engine
  • Internet Access,Multi-Format Video
  • Music Playback and Photo Viewing
  • Download Content from the Playstation Store
  • Online Gaming through the Playstation Network
  • Integrates with the PSP via Remote Play

Broadband on Mobile Data Limit

There is a 50GB limit on most of the Singtel Broadband on Mobile Plan. But I assure you that most users will not be able to hit this 50GB limit unless you downloads 2 movies everyday. After using for a few months, my highest record is only 12GB. There has been no drop connections during the downloading of data or usage. You can also use the software provided by Singtel to monitor your data usage.

The Broadband on Mobile is service by Singtel Mobile and not Singnet. For assistance, please call 1626 and not 1610 which is for Singnet.


Click the picture above for a larger view.


Huawei USB Modem

HuaweiInstallation of Huawei USB Modem
There is no clear instruction from Singtel package on how to install the modem and I will come out a quick guide for all Windows user.

  • Insert your sim card to the modem and connect to the USB port
  • Drivers will be automatically install
  • Reboot your system
  • Click on the Mobile Partner Drive and it will start installation
  • Click on Mobile Partner in Programs
  • Click on Connect to Singtel Network
  • You are now ready to surf the internet anywhere in Singapore on your laptop and desktop. In addition, you can also use the sim card in your 3G phone to surf the internet. Just insert the sim card to your 3G phone and get started.


    Singtel Broadband Mobile

    HuaweiSingtel is currently having a promotion on their Broadband Mobile. It cost S$22.42 per month for a 512kps plan and you will get 50GB of data usage. You will only need to pay 12 months and get the other 12 months free on this 2 year contract. Payment will be made on alternate months only.
    You can now surf the net on your computer or on your mobile phone anywhere in Singapore as long as there are GPRS, HSDPA ang WCDMA network. A software is included to track your data usuage so that you will not exceed the 50GB data plan.
    Huawei E220 USB Modem redefines mini fashion for the elite. The irresistible creation features the eye-catching sleek design and a great speed up to 3.6Mbps. Its USB cable can be used by both laptops and desktop computers.