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Starhub Cable TV Billing Issues

My Starhub Cable TV issues has started since November 2010 and the 1633 Customer Service was not of any good help. It looks like 1633 can only resolve many minor problems. I decided to go down to Starhub Customer Service Centre@Plaza Singapura.

The customer service staff consolidate all my bills from Nov 2010 to March 2011. He said he will waive off all the double charges and wrong service address add to my bill. The Stahub Customer Service Officer blame that the new billing system provision got some bugs.

But to tell you truthly, there were many customers with billing issues at the Plaza Singapura. Tempers flare at some point. Other staffs were call in to help to resolve the billing problems of customers as some customer service officers were not up to the arms.

Starhub has invested heavily on the SYSTEM itself but not on the PEOPLE"S. It need to revamp the customer service team with more full time staffs. Do not depend on part time or contract staff from job agency like Recurit Express. These part time staffs are paid $6 to $8 per hour. Pls improve the customer service before you lose the customers. The TIME will come when Singtel and Starhub can share CONTENTS.