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Hard and Soft Reset of Omnia Pro B7610

Soft reset the Samsung Omnia Pro B7610 by opening up the battery cover at the back of the phone.


Picture courtesy of PocketNow.com
You will see a small hole above the camera lens and LED Flash light. Use your stylus or a small paper clip to press it once to soft reset your Omnia Pro B7610.

Other Models may have different soft reset hole
The soft reset button is actually a small hole on the side of the phone above the LOCK button and below the stylus slot. Top right edge with the screen facing you.

Hard Reset of Omnia Pro B7610

1. Press Lock and W&L Button (do not release)
2. Reset the Device with Stylus
3. At the first Samsung Boot Logo press Call and End Call Buttons for 0.5 sec.
4. The "do you want to format" Question appears immediately

Note: Hard Reset will reset your Omnia to factory default. Please remember to backup your contacts and data.