Samsung Omnia

Hard and Soft Reset of Omnia Pro B7610

Soft reset the Samsung Omnia Pro B7610 by opening up the battery cover at the back of the phone.


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You will see a small hole above the camera lens and LED Flash light. Use your stylus or a small paper clip to press it once to soft reset your Omnia Pro B7610.

Other Models may have different soft reset hole
The soft reset button is actually a small hole on the side of the phone above the LOCK button and below the stylus slot. Top right edge with the screen facing you.

Hard Reset of Omnia Pro B7610

1. Press Lock and W&L Button (do not release)
2. Reset the Device with Stylus
3. At the first Samsung Boot Logo press Call and End Call Buttons for 0.5 sec.
4. The "do you want to format" Question appears immediately

Note: Hard Reset will reset your Omnia to factory default. Please remember to backup your contacts and data.

Samsung Omnia

Omnia Camera unable to Trigger

Many Omnia users has found that they were unable to trigger camera after opening many applications. A error will be generated.
Not Enough Video Memory. Please close other Applications and try again.
You will still not be able to trigger the camera after closing the applications using the Task Manager. The most easiest way to resolve this is to Restart the Samsung Omnia. We will be checking with Samsung why some Omnia users still have this problem even using the latest ROM?

Samsung Omnia

Widgets and Shortcuts

Omnia made use of Widgets and Shortcuts to let you access the most popular applications like your messaging, settings, phone mode, office, calendar and others.
You can drag and drop the applications using the Shortcuts function. Press the Main Menu and click on the Shortcuts on the bottom left hand screen.
There are several Widgets for use in the Today under the Settings Menu. You can also download from the Internet where Omnia users has design additional widgets. Just Google for it.

iPhone 3G, Samsung Omnia

HTC against iPhone and Omnia

The latest gizmo from HTC, the HTC Touch Pro is taking on Apple iPhone and Samsung Omnia. It’s only plus point is the five row slide out QWERTY keyboard. It is primary design for users who liked to use a real keyboard over the on screen type.
But the iPhone and Omnia will be too strong for HTC to overcome. Firstly, all Singapore mobile operators are pushing the promotions on iPhone and Omnia. Secondly, Apple and Samsung has strong product support for their customers. Thirdly, there are many blogs and forums providing expertise on how to use the products.
2008 and 2009 will mark the beginning era of touch screen phone. More such type of phones will be released in the near future.

Samsung Omnia

Chinese Input for Samsung Omnia

You do not need to install CE Star for Samsung Omnia. Samsung has upgraded the ROM and now Chinese input is supported on the Samsung Omnia. All the current Samsung Omnia phone are shipped with the chinese input software.

The New Omnia firmware has already been released for Singapore users in August which includes new widgets add-on and Chinese text input in Hanyu
Pinyin mode. Currently users are rely on third party software like
CE-Star to key in the chinese characters.

Singapore users, please upgrade your ROM with the Chinese input software for use on your sms and emails.
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Samsung Omnia

Samsung Omnia

The Samsung Omina has been term the Apple iPhone killer. It runs on the popular Windows Mobile 6.1 OS. The large 3.2″ WQVGA TFT LCD allows you to view your pictures and videos on a large screen.

The generous 16GB flash allows me to store all my favourite pictures, videos and music on the Omina. There is a lot of applications that is available for use on the Samsung omina. The most important is the Chinese CE Star for me as it allow me to write and read chinese characters.

I love the camera with face detection and smile detection. The 5MP camera allowed me to take clear and sharp pictures. The face detection is good as it allowed me to focus on human face instead of the background. The best will be the smiling detection, it automatically capture when my children smile at the camera. It is great for shooting children photos.

The touch screen is very responsive and keying in of characters is easy. You just need to lightly touch the screen to key in the characters or navigate the menu.

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