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Red and White Car Park Lot

Red and White Combination(RWC) Car Park Lot has been in the news and also discussed by Net Citizens on the internet. These RWC are not available at all car parks but at certain car parks where short term parking is highly sought after.

RWC Car Park Lot allowed you to park at the lot during non Season Car Parking Hours. This is usually 7AM to 7PM but the rules for season parking hours  for some car parks may be different. Please check up the parking sign board before you park your car at the RWC Lot.

HDB Customer Officers and HDB Car Park Offices are also not very clear about this special car park lots. Once you ask them about these RWC, they will still thought you are referring to the Red and White Parking Lot. I guess the HDB Staffs are not yet align to the rules. This worry me as I and other car users may be fine by the parking warden if they are unclear about the ruling and find us parking in the RWC lot.

I will update my blog if I find any parking warden fine our cars for parking in a RWC outside season parking hours. Subscribers may send me an email with your parking fine ticket no if this happens to you also.

Please take note HDB has not updated their website with this info at the time of the publishing of my post.

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