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NeoReboot for Symbian Phone

NeorebootThere are many Reboot applications on the internet. Most of the programs will straight away restart the phone after pressing the icon. This program allow you to options to restart the phone or quit the program.
“NeoReboot” has a useful confirmation message to avoid these problems.
Choosing “Yes”, the phone will immediately be restarted. “No” will exit
the application.
The unsigned version of “NeoReboot” can be downloaded here.
You will need to signed the application before using it on your symbian phone.

Nokia Original Ring Tones

Many users has been asking where are the original Nokia ring tones store at? You are able to access it on your phone through the profile setting but you will not be able to send it to your friend through bluetooth. It is now store on the phone ram and you will not be able to download to your computer or send it as it does not appear in the Gallery or the File Manager.
You need a third party tool like the X-plore which allow you to see all the directories in the phone just like the Windows Explorer. The default Nokia Ring Tones are stored at Z:soundsdigital