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My Kia Cerato Variant 2

I have bought my Kia Cerato Variant 2 for less than $45,000 and enjoy $2000 of accessories. This is a sedan car that fits my budget and I enjoy another S17000 off as it is a weekend car. I was lucky to get the COE at above $10k and not the recent $2 COE.

Today is a big day as I am collect my first car. I hope I have made a good decision to buy this car as not sure of the reliability. But I am not much worried as Cycle & Carriage will not disappoint the consumers. They have good after sales and technical support.

Cycle & Carriage is also generous, as they have paid the road tax, registration cost and other miscellaneous cost for me. All you need is just to pay the initial deposit of $1K, first month loan and your insurance fees.