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Convert gas readings into kWh

Our gas reading for the gas meter is in cubic meter but SP Services will charge us in kWh which is normal. But SP Services does not share the formula on how this is converted to kWh. I am now pushing SP Services to reveal this formula to the customers at large in Singapore.

gas meter

Formula used to convert meter cube to kWh
(meter cube use X volume correction factor X calorific value)/kWh conversion factor

We know the meter cube use through our gas meter and the kWh conversion factor which is 3.6. But we do not know the volume correction factor and calorific value. We need to know the calorific value which is the amount of energy given off when burnt. This value is different for the different gas suppliers in your country.

SP Services has wrote back to me about the conversion of cubic meter into kWh. They used conversion factor of 5.175 to convert cubic meters to units (kWh).

Meter Reading taken on 18 June 2014: 7203
Meter Reading taken on 20 July 2014: 7323
Difference in readings: 120
Usage in kWh: 120 X 5.175 = 621kWh

Now, you should know the amount of cubic meter that your household is using for your pipe gas from the SP Services Bill. We also help customers to analyse their energy bills and also how to reduce them in your home.