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How to calibrate the Galaxy Note S Pen?

Samsung does not provide any software to calibrate the S-Pen. But many users have found out that the S Pen will draw about 3mm offset to the tip after some time of usage. It actually has an auto calibration function to calibrate your S Pen.
There are actually 2 methods to calibrate your S Pen. It work for me on original firmware running on GINGERBREAD.DXKL3 using version 2.3.6 on my Galaxy Note. Some users have report it do not work for them, but I believe sharing this post with all of you will benefit the majority Samsung Galaxy Note users.
1st Method
Move your pen around all the screen, making sure you touch the edges of the screen. I move my S Pen to all edges of the screen(top, bottom, right and left side).Make sure that the S Pen goes in/out of the screen multiple times.
Apparently the auto-calibration does work. It needs to detect the maximum for up/down and left/right movement before it can actually work it’s magic. This also explains why it seems to get better ‘over time’ – you’re near the edges more often and calibration adjusts accordingly.
2nd Method
1. Select “Phone Icon”
2. Enter *#0*#
3. Select “S-Pen Test”

Draw around the small boxes as shown below on your Galaxy Note.

It will show passed and u have completed the S Pen Test.
These 2 methods should work for your Samsung Galaxy Note S Pen calibration. The S Pen is good for games like Draw Something.