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Typepad Keyboard Shortcuts

Typepad Shortcuts Keys for formatting of your blog post.The text field can
contain stylized text and graphics. To cycle through all formatting
options, use the keyboard shortcut Control + Shift + T to place focus
on the toolbar and navigate between option heading names.

Common formatting keyboard shortcuts:

  • Control Shift B sets text to bold
  • Control Shift I sets text to italic
  • Control Shift U underlines text
  • Control Shift [ aligns text left
  • Control Shift | centers text
  • Control Shift ] aligns text right
  • Control Shift L adds an HTML link
  • To exit this text editor use the keyboard shortcut Control + Shift + ESC.

TypePad Compose Screen Problem

Typepad Compose Post has got some formatting issue today. It happens today and bloggers can still write their post as normal. But you can see the formatting of the page looks weird. The Toolbar is not place properly but yet we can see some helpful shortcut keys.

It looks like Typepad is in the middle of an upgrading if I am not wrong. I will be contacting Typepad just in case they do not know what is happening to their Compose Screen. This may be a major over sight by the Typepad Team. All bloggers are paying premium for the blogging service and it should not be happening to it.