Air BNB property details

The June holidays is coming and I had been looking to rent Air BnB property for my short get away with my family. After a year and there are some minor changes on the app on the iPhone which might affect customer experience.

There is no issue when you are looking at the property details. But before you start a message with the host, please remember to save the property. You will not be able to linked back to the property that you are interested from the message page. The details in the message with the host only allow you to book your stay and give you little details on the property.

The details is very minimum as compared to the property listing which you have browse before entering the message with the host. This only occur on the app in IOS as there is no direct link back to the property listing. There is no issue using the web on a computer. You will find the trip details on the left of the messaging window to link you back to the property that you are looking at.

I am following up with the Air BnB support so that it can improve our customer experience and ease of booking on IOS. It is a hassle to switch between messaging and saved page to look at the property that I am discussing with the host.

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