HongKong Victoria Peak

The Victoria Peak has attracted millions of visitors worldwide. This is despite the long queues for the tram and buses that bring all the visitors up the hill.

The night view of the HongKong City from Victoria Peak.

My camera is only iPhone 7 and may not be as stunning as those taken by the Canon or Nikon DSLR.

This time round for transport, I have choose bus as my mode of transport. You can take bus number 15 at the Star Ferry, Central Pier. Going up is not an issue if you started your journey at the Star Ferry, Central Pier. You will find that the bus will be full after the Exchange Terminus during the holiday season (Nov and Dec). It will not take up passengers en-route if the bus is full.

But coming down at 7pm is going to be an issue as many people are coming down at the same time after watching the night skyline.

The frequency is quite long at 15 to 30 mins. Although the website write 10 to 15 minutes but the wait is longer.

Plan carefully your transport plan or just be patient. Hope you will enjoy the Victoria Peak night view.

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