Singapore Motorist must register vehicles entering Malaysia

Singapore motorist had to register their vehicles with the Malaysia Road Transport. The registration is open at all the counters at Woodlands and Tuas check points. In addition, you are encourage to register online at the following:

It cost RM $10 and is valid for 5 years. You will be given a radio frequency RFID tag. You will need this tag by Sept 1 when the scheme is roll out. You will be deny entry and need to register at the counters if you failed to do so. The vehicle entry permit (VEP) is granted free of charge from Sept 1 to Sept 30.

From 1 Oct 2015, the VEP will cost you RM$20 to enter Malaysia. This only applies to foreign registered vehicles. Singapore border is the phase 1 where the VEP is roll out. It will be extend to the Thailand border in the phase 2 program.

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