Singapore Airlines Fare Table

Singapore Airlines latest update website have a fare calendar for travellers who are budget concern. The traveller will have an overview of the fares provided 7 days before or after. This will give you an overview of the airfares for the best deal.

Singapore Airline Fare Table

You can choose your outbound and inbound with a click of a button. You can see how the fares are so different over the several days. This will made your decision to purchase a ticket much faster.

Now let us look at how Qantas utilized their fare calendar for the budget traveller.

Qantas Fare Table

You need at least 2 clicks as there are two different fare tables for the inbound and outbound flights.

You need to do a bit of research and some luck to get the best fare deal out from the airlines. As the date get closer to the traditional busy holiday dates, the tickets get more expensive. Luckily there is Skyscanner which track the ticket prices for us.
Login to Skyscanner for the best fare deal*.

Note* But do look out for the booking sites it refer you to for booking of the tickets. 

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