EA Reset my Origin Account Password

EA has reset my Origin account password earlier this morning. The main reason that was cited for this action was to prevent any hacking attempts. This is quite a concern as it means there are many hackers out there waiting for a back door to enter EA servers which have millions of user names and credit card on its server. You just need to go to http://help.ea.com and click on the forget password at the bottom of the login page. It will allow you to reset your password.

Origin Account Password Reset

My advice to all Origin gamers out is to use a strong password and 2 factor verification. A strong password means it must have a small letter, capital letter and number. If you add special character like @, -, _, ^, % & !, this will made the password even stronger. You need to add a mobile number for 2 factor verification. Every time, your account is access from a new computer, it will send a verification code via sms to your mobile phone.  This will ensure a fool proof of your account security.

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