Aircon using R410A or R22

Are you going to buy a new air conditioner for your new home or replacing your current unit at home? Visiting all those air conditioner shop, u should have seen those R22 and R410A beside the air conditioner.

What are these and how is it going to affect you? It may look like a technical jargon to you. R22 and R410A are both refrigerant for our aircon compressor. But it will slowly affect us as manufacturers will stop producing the R22 refrigerant in 2016.

I would recommend that you can still buy the air conditioning with R22 as we are still 3 years away from it. But if u want energy saving aircon(4 ticks on the energy label), then most of them will be equipped with the R410A. Major manufacturers like Daikin, Mitsubishi Electric, Panasonic and others are already using R410A for their energy saving system.

Get READY for the change as we are going to protect Earth OZONE Layer.

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